Iconyx Compact - Brand :  Renkus-Heinz

Iconyx Compact puts the flexibility and directivity of Iconyx into a size that can disappear into most any space.

The combination of 3 inch, full-range drivers and a state-of-the art 12 channel amplifier, along with Renkus-Heinz’ world leading experience in beam-steering arrays leads to stellar performance never before seen in such a small array.

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U-3650D II -  Brand :  CAH

U-3650D II provides qualitysound with simple setup and an intuitive interface with better user experience.

U-3650D II has 2 present groups, each group has 100 compatible frequencies for selection, reduce the chance of frequency interference. Built-in ACT™ function provides the transmitter’s frequency  rapid sync to the receiver, just simple few steps could complete the system.

With dierent combinations between handheld, headset and lavalier, CAH U-3650D II should fulll all your needs in dierent.

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Digi Wave - Brand :  WilliamsAV

Williams AV offers various wireless listening technologies for an array of commercial applications.

Williams AV will help with selecting the best technical solution for your application whether it’s live audio via wi-fi, digital, FM, infrared or loop.

Digi-Wave 400 Series Tour Guide System for one guide and up to 23 listeners.

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DPFX-700-TR - Brand :  Opticis

The DPFX-700-TR is designed as a slim, lightweight module for ease of installation to fit into various compact and challenging environments. 

The DPFX-700-TR, which comes with the Transmitter (DPFX-700-TX) and Receiver (DPFX-700-RX), utilizes a one LC fiber connector that gives a clean and secure with seamless installation. 

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VLS 15 (EN 54) - Brand :  Tannoy

The VLS 15 (EN 54) is an 800 Watt passive column array loudspeaker ideally suited for challenging acoustic and architecturally sensitive spaces where background/foreground music and speech reinforcement is required. 

The heart of the loudspeaker system is its asymmetrical vertical dispersion, which gently shapes the acoustic coverage towards the lower quadrant of the vertical axis.

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E Series - Brand :  Lab.gruppen

Amplifiers with Flexible Output Channels and Energy Star Certification for Installation Applications

The Lab Gruppen E Series Power Amplifiers are designed to serve our Installed Sound Customers.

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CA2402 - Brand :  Lab.gruppen

CA2402: 2 x 240 Watt dual-channel Commercial Amplifier provides the perfect solution for commercial and industrial applications requiring great sounding distributed audio coupled with power conservation and reduced operating expense. 

CA2402 is easy to install and operate – even for non-technical personnel. 

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MIMO7272DN - Brand :  Ecler

Incorporating audio over IP technology, MIMO7272DN allows signal transmission using a Local Ethernet network, suppressing cabling distance limitations.

It features accessories from WPNET Series connected by Ethernet interface and PoE DC supply ready.

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